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LoNyLa - London, New York, Los Angeles

LoNyLa is a transatlantic collective that focuses on using technology to develop new work for stage, film, TV and transmedia. The vision: to explore the intersection of storytelling and technology. The group is fueled by graduates of Yale University and the Yale School of Drama.

Our most recent programme TimeWave (timewavefestival.com), an international theatre & technology event, gathered 40 actors, 18 writers, 17 directors and multimedia artists and streamed in new work from London, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Madrid and Montreal. Among supporters for TimeWave 2013 were Disney Imagineering, Hathersage Capital Management, Arts Council England, Telestream and Vidyo.

Because TimeWave was hosted by the London-based accelerator Innovation Warehouse (theiw.org), entrepreneurs fleshed out business strategy in one office whilst British artists rehearsed a telepresence play with remote New York artists in another office. Even more exciting was when tech entrepreneurs sat through a rehearsal with artists, engaging in an interactive theatre format and tweeting directions to performers.

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