International - Digital Storytelling
London, New York, Los Angeles

LoNyLa (London-New York-Los Angeles) is a transatlantic collective that focuses on using technology to develop new work for stage, film, TV and transmedia. The organization is fuelled by graduates of Yale University and the Yale School of Drama.

The vision: to enable the cross fertilization of theatre and media artists and technologists and explore the frontier of digital storytelling. When these two cultures collide, the diverse knowledge and skill sets can lead to creative leaps.

Operating more in the vein of a digital startup than an arts organization, LoNyLa may continue to pivot and morph in Internet time whilst using digital tools, such as web broadcasting and telepresence, to innovate on storytelling.

In a 2013 programme, TimeWave (, digital entrepreneurs and programmers participated in a rehearsal with theatre artists, engaging in an interactive format and tweeting directions to performers. Because the programme was hosted by an accelerator in Tech City (London), entrepreneurs fleshed out business strategy in one office whilst British artists rehearsed a telepresence play with New York artists in another office.

LoNyLa emerged from what was intended to be a media & arts alumni group by a few Yale and Oxford graduates during a reception at the Oxford and Cambridge Club, London 2010.

TimeWave Tipi Programme 2014-2015 builds on the TimeWave Festival of 2013.